Mind Really Matters
Our response to today's challenges

During unprecedented times, it's natural and downright easy to be overwhelmed with emotions, stress and worry. Our role, as always, is to be there for you in whatever capacity you need, and right now that means providing new services and resources to help you find comfort, stability and strength in this time.

Introducing MindCoaching

Build and sustain a mindset that leads to increased performance, better focus, clearer decision making and an optimized state of well-being.

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Our Approach

Integrating Life Time offerings with the Healthy Way of Life mindset, our MindCoaches help synchronize the body with the mind to unlock your power and your potential.

Balance Your Worklife

Creating better habits, refining your time-management skills, maximizing your daily output — we help modify and enhance every aspect of your personal and professional life.

A man and woman at work look at an architect’s drawing

Achieve Your Goals

Losing weight, facing obstacles, redefining your habits — we help you change your thoughts and behaviors to meet your desired goals.

A smiling woman uses the dual cable cross machine with guidance from a trainer

Enhance Your Life

Establishing a lasting routine, reducing stress, being proactive with your physical and mental well-being — we prepare you to age with vitality.

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Perform Your Best

Training for an event, cutting time, elevating your mental game — we improve every aspect of your fitness and competitive training goals.

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Each MindCoach is a highly experienced professional specialized in systemic change and our proprietary Healthy Way of Life coaching process.

Headshot of coach Jen Elmquist

Jen Elmquist

Headshot of coach Brie Vortherms

Brie Vortherms

Headshot of coach Barbara Powell

Barbara Powell

Our Method

A holistic mind-body approach delivered as a three-step experience.

Mind Ready

Onboards and prepares you for success through an assessment and personalized goal planning.

Mind Set

Coaches you through mental workouts that shift your perspective toward goal achievement.

Mind Go

Launches you with supportive products, services and education to continue on your path of positive change.

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What to Expect

Mental Workouts

Each Mental Workout is 45 minutes and tailored to address your specific goals.

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Advance to your next level and find your path to greater success.

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Sharpen your decision-making by tuning your thoughts and emotions.

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Release your tension and stress by finding your inner peace.

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Food + Mood

Identify your relationship with food and reestablish your eating habits.

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Uplift your mood and enhance your outlook.

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Process, identify and progress toward achieving your goals.

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